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The Art of Juggling

Surprisingly, with the photography season coming to an end, I feel like I have been burning the candle at both ends.
With the wedding season beginning, Fashion Week knocking on the door and what seems like a new web client every week, it’s no wonder why my nights end at four in the morning.
This balancing act called life has become my new profession. Combine the never-ending job of motherhood, sprinkled with the complexities of marriage, a few cups of Project Management a dash of Production Assisting, topped with running a photo and web design house, served in a shiny bowl of everything else, it’s a wonder that I have not lost it completely. I am beginning to master The Art of Juggling.


So, one day last week while sick with the flu, I got word that we were shooting someone for our assignment with Ocean Drive Magazine, some guy named……..JASON TAYLOR!!!  To say that I passed out, came back to the phone and passed out again, would be a TRUE UNDERSTATEMENT.  Anyone that knows me would tell you that I am FAR from a Dolphins Fan  (49ers Baby!), but I am a Jason Taylor fan!

Being in the field of Photography you come across and meet so many people, but in September of last year while shooting Dolphins training camp, not in a million years did I ever think or see myself meeting and assisting on a job with this amazing athlete and his equally awesome wife.  If you take away the glitz and the glamour, the awards and the accolades; the people that we admire are regular individuals just like us.  They worry about their children and the health of their loved ones, they mourn the loss family members and have hope of a promising future for their children, and help for those less fortunate.   They have their daily trials and sufferings, they are human beings just like us,  just on a different path.

It was refreshing to be around a couple that reminded me of my own friends, it made taking their portrait even easier.  From the southern hospitality, to letting their guard down and showing their playful sides, the Taylors, were beyond a pleasure to work with.

The ONLY caveat, is that I have met Jason Taylor.  My poor husband knowing how I have cracked my share of jokes in my “Fantasy World”  is stuck with daily question of : “What Would Jason Taylor Do?”.  Even though Jason Taylor is pretty awesome, I have my own “Mister” at home, and he is just as awesome, but I like to keep him on his toes ;o).


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Positive Affirmations

Happy New Year!!

I promised myself before the new year began that I was going to re-program myself, give myself a HARD RESET!! In doing this; reset, mental reboot, whatever you want to call it, I have brought in the New Year with pure, hardcore awesomeness.

When you hear the saying, “Speak your Life into Action”, it is not New Age thinking or silly “The Secret” mantra. It rings true. True in your heart, true in your step, true in every fiber of your being. You become a force to be reckoned with, you become this beacon of positive light and energy that radiates from you and is seen by all that you come in contact with.

This year, if you have a goal, believe in it, reach for it, want it bad enough and plot your course to get there. No one is going to want your goals more than you. Own your year and beware of the naysayers, those negative people in your life. They don’t want to see you fail, but they don’t want you to succeed either. Love them and shower them with your positivity, for in this crazy universe, regardless of your religious beliefs, it will come back to you!



Last Saturday I had the opportunity to take part in an amazing global event called Help-Portrait.  I got involved by accident, actually, it was a be there or else type deal, and well…who am I to disappoint.  I figured that I should know what I was getting involved in and what this “Help-Portriat” was all about.  So I googled and I read and then I watched the video.

Sometimes it takes strong outside forces to move us as human beings, and on Friday December 10 at 11pm, I felt my force.  I realized the scale that this event was on, with the very simple mission to capture a smile.  Famalies from different walks of life came in to our “studio” based at the Salvation Army in Ft. Lauderdale.  Tiny little newborn twins, young parents trying to raise a new family in the everyday struggle called life, and a family of  five that was four generations in the making. 

It was amazing to be apart of something that was so beautiful and fulfilling not just as a photographer, but as a memebr of the human race during the season of Christmas.  I can not wail till next year.


The Long Journey Home

It seems like it has taken forever to get back into blogging, because there has been so much to blog about and sometimes it has been to overwhelming to even begin.  To say that I have been on a journey of personal discovery and enlightenment would be a true understatement.  In the last four months I have fallen and fought, took two steps forward and four steps back and have emerged beat up, heartbroken and bruised, but have discovered that I am a true fighter. 

In the last month alone, I feel that I have experienced enough to write my memoirs (but its only just begun!).  I have experienced humbling moments and devastating blows to my photographic career but have also received inspiration and guidance from some of the loveliest of places.  I look towards the new year with excitement and positive anticipation for the greatness that is beckoning me with open arms.

I look forward to sharing my expereinces over the next couple of weeks.

Like the phoenix, I have risen.

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I never knew how hectic being a house photographer for a week of fashion shows would be. Being a mom and a wife and having to balance a small business and a photography career, lets just say that my perseverance, patience, tolerance and professionalism were tested on a daily basis.

The fashions were amazing, some were completely breathtaking while others left me confused. There is always that designer that creates a dress or in this case dresses and you wonder who is going to wear this and where are they going to wear it? The only answer that comes to mind is: Lady Gaga! (who made an appearance, well her look-alike did!)

It was amazing to be apart of something so magnificent.  My favorite designer was Julian Chang, His flowy dresses and oversized sun hats were amazing, the models were beautiful and the fluid motion that his line captured was breathtaking.  It made all of the hard worth totally worth it.

Time off!

So, it has been a while since I have blogged and all I have thought about is “GEE, i need to post a blog”, but honestly, I have been really busy!  Towards the end of February I took part in an amazing event for the American Red Cross  where a fashion show was held with fashions by the amazing Victoria Lopez Castro. 

The following week was the start of Miami Beach International Fashion Week, where I was one of five house photographers and to say that we took our job lightly is a HUGE understatement!  Exhaustion was only the beginning!  Four days of nonstop action, mind-blowing fashions, it was out of this world.

So after all the work and drama, and wanting to put my camera away because my fingers, back, elbow and shoulder were hurting (four nights and 6 hours of shooting per night can take a toll on the body!) my husband and I went to Jupiter, Florida and it was amazing.


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I had a few days of relaxation and longed for more, it was not nearly enough.  I was able to appreciate time with my husband and family members, take in the wonders and beauty of nature and fall in love with my camera all over again.  It made me realize that with all of the turmoil that is going on in the world, the horrible crisis in Japan, the confilcts within  our own country, uprising in the middle east, sometimes we need to step back in take in life.  There are so many beautiful things that we neglect, look over and don’t acknowledge.  Life is so short that if we don’t stop and take time to appreciate it, the wonderful moments, people, places and things that bring us joy will be gone and we wont realize it until it is too late.

Take  time off , unplug and enjoy the moments that we are blessed to have.

With that said, bring on Funkshion Fashion Week!


Well, it is that time of year again….. the time for Fashion Season to begin! With the fervor of Fashion Week coming to a close in New York and beginning in London, it is time for South Florida to open its season with the upcoming Miami Beach International Fashion Week.  In honor of this joyous season I have decided to flash back to my first 10 months of being a Fashion Photographer as I anticipate the beginning of Fashion Season in South Florida.

There is something about a fashion show, it is almost like a wedding, so much preparation goes into, so much anticipation for 10-20 minutes of pure electricity.  From the watchers to the models to the crowd of photographers at the end waiting to take release their shutter.  For me it is a pure adrenaline rush, it kind of reminds me of when I first kissed my husband, the butterflies that fluttered within me with reckless abandonment.  It amazes me that my first fashion show was at Ft. Lauderdale’s Art Serve, a Lady Gaga inspired Event, my how far I have come!

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Night night loves, I have Day 2 of the Sprite Global Campaign, details on that experience soon to come.

Love and Light, Capture Life


If you want your life to improve take chances. Learn and love your craft take that old hobby to the next level. Embrace yourself and all that greatness that you poses. Love who and what you are.

I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and friend, a confidant, cheerleader and support system! I am a photographer.

love and light and capture all of the beauty within yourself.